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Fund Development Team (FDT)
The FDT encourages gifts, grants, and volunteer
support from public and private resources for the
Valley Community Coalition

Youth in the Valley Community
Needs Your Support!

FDT Pledge Form
Use this form to make a monetary donation.

FDT Response Form
Use this form to make a donation of time and supplies.

Mission of the Fund Development Team

The mission of the VCC Fund Development Team is to encourage gifts, grants and volunteer support from public and private sources to be accepted and managed by the VCC Steering Team in a manner consistent with the vision of the Valley Community Coalition to support the needs of youth in the Valley community in regards to the problems of substance abuse.

The NEED for Grant Money

The NEED is greater than ever before with State and Federal Funds are being reduced
We know the community will do everything it can to support the youth.  It is our challenge to find various ways to “GET IT DONE!!”
That is why we are coming to you–
to find out how you can support this need

  • TIME: You may join our many volunteers who sponsor events at the Youth Center, pair up with a youth in the Valley Mentoring Program, help with a SODA activity, volunteer to help in the VCC office, or sign-up to help on an initiative for Youth, Mentoring, Community, or Parents.
  • FUNDING: There are any needs for direct financial support.  The VCC is now funding a Mentoring Coordinator in addition to the two staff members paid by grants and donations. We also need financial sponsors for activities.
  • CONTACTS: We need volunteers to make contact with potential sources of grants and other funding. This is an area of great potential!!

Why it is critical to record your donation of time, money, mileage, materials, food, etc.

Our grants require the VCC to show that the community is contributing a match amount of donations.  These “IN-KIND DONATIONS” are in form of actual dollars, food, supplies, volunteer time and volunteer mileage. For example, when you sign-up to work on an initiative your volunteer time and mileage is recorded as an “IN-KIND DONATION” that helps support the VCC.

It is extremely important that all donations, volunteer hours and mileage be turned in to the VCC office.  This is a demonstration of the community support for the VCC programs and is not only important for matching the grants already awarded but also for supporting requests for additional grants in the future.  Be certain that you keep track of your donations, hours, and mileage so that you can give that information to the VCC office.  Click here to open a PDF file for theIN-KIND DONATION LOG.   

How Your Donation Can be Tax Deductible

The Valley Community Coalition is a 501(c)3 organization.  This means that the IRS has recognized the VCC as a non-profit organization that can receive tax-deductible donations from individuals and businesses.  Your donation to the VCC is tax-deductible to you or your business.  Contact your tax preparer for details.

Donations of time give the VCC credit for grant matching requirements.  Contact the VCC for details on reporting your donations of time, supplies, or funds. Please call the VCC office or contact the Fund Development Team for more information on tax-savings opportunities for you.

Share your Grant Expertise

You may be aware of grants that may be of interest to the VCC. Please contact the VCC office or the Fund Development Team to let us know of grant opportunities.  Also, if you are interested in working with grant applications, let us know.  We welcome your input.



VCC Office: 563-426-5599


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