SODA Scholarship

The funding for this wonderful scholarship comes from funds donated to the coalition specifically for this annual scholarship. The amount of money donated dictates how much the scholarship will be worth.  If no funds are given there runs the risk of a scholarship not being awarded – this would be a horrible thing. Please contact VCC to see how you can donate to this very important fund!

Objective:  To encourage students to use their experience and contribute to others through a positive career path in the form of college scholarships.

Application Deadline:  March 1
Please give to Annette Butikofer


A. SODA Member in good standing
B. 2.5 GPA after 1st semester: Full-Time College student
C. Maintain a Drug-Free Life Style
D. In essay form please share:
– How SODA has impacted your life so far?
– How you see that impact continuing in life?
– What do you think you can give back to SODA in the future?
– What SODA activities have you been involved in?
– What school and non school activities are you involved in?
– How many years have you been active in SODA?

For more information contact Annette Butikofer, SODA Coordinator 

A scholarship winners’ perspective:

What is the purpose of a scholarship? To reward a scholar for their achievements?

To spur a young person towards future success in a certain field? To encourage a

student to be involved in a certain activity? To give back to a student who has given so

much? There is a scholarship that fits all of these criteria: The SODA Scholarship. It

rewards a Senior SODA member (or members) who has been a leader, a decision

maker, and model for a healthy lifestyle. It spurs a young person towards maintaining

these characteristics in the future. It encourages students to be involved in SODA and

take on a leadership role. And the scholarship gives back to someone who has given

their time, talent, and passion to their school and community through SODA. The SODA

scholarship serves an important purpose, but it can’t continue to do so without your help.

In the last year, many members of our community have realized the value of VCC

and SODA components such as Youth Center and Valley Mentoring and provided their

help to sustain them. We ask you again to see the value in something, and help us

continue the SODA scholarship. It divides $1000 (if possible) between one or more

SODA members who have stood up for what they believe in and stood up for others as

well. The value of that is truly immeasurable.



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