Youth Center

Every Saturday Night

7:00-10:00 pm

Youth Center

The VCC Youth Center is open every Saturday night from 7:00-10:00pm for students 6th-12th Grade.  The youth center has flat screen TVs, a pool table, ping-pong table, board games, a TV with a PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 4, and foosball!  For more information contact the VCC Office.

                  Chaperone a Youth Center Night

     In order for the Youth Center to be open, we need two adults each night to chaperone the students.  If you are interested in chaperoning, contact the youth center coordinator, Jen Schott, at, or (563)423-7116.  You will need to attend an orientation session at the Youth Center which is located in Downtown (227 Center St.) Elgin. During that time, chaperons will familiarize themselves with the youth center facilities and youth center rules.  Click YCSchedule to view dates open to chaperons.

Youth Center Policy

After arriving at the Youth Center, if a student wants to leave the Youth Center between the hours of 7-10 p.m. for ANY REASON, the student MUST do the following:

  • Call a parent (with a sponsor present as a witness) to get permission

 IF a student attempts to call a parent and cannot reach them, they will NOT be allowed to leave the Youth Center Grounds. 

 ALL students must have parental consent to leave Youth Center grounds during active Youth Center hours (7:00-10:00) that are not regular pick-up times.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  (ex. “Joe” comes with “Andy” to the youth center. Joe cannot get a hold of his parents, and even though he will be picked up by Andy’s parents, he still must have parental consent to leave before 10:00p.m.)

 This policy has been put in place to unsure the safety of our youth, if you have an questions or concerns please feel free to contact staff.

The Valley Community Coalition (VCC), a not-for-profit organization, makes their facilities available to individuals, groups or organizations for meetings or events, whenever possible. This helps the VCC realize their vision of providing a safe, supportive, and healthy community for children and families of the Valley.  Please click on the link for more information on the facilities usage policy.

      For insurance purposes and for the safety of youth in the program, all chaperones are screened and trained before they are allowed to chaperone a Youth Center Night.

For more information contact the VCC Office (563)426-5599

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