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When we talk about online shopping, there are few companies that strike our minds instantly and Amazon is one of them. It is an international platform that has over 150 million subscribers. Amazon Prime is a paid subscription program under Amazon founded in 2005. The main motto of Prime is unlimited free and fast delivery on millions of items, and exclusive access to attractive deals.

Amazon Prime lets you unleash many additional facilities of online- shopping and digital streaming. To enjoy these facilities, you need a verified Prime account. And for your convenience, we are here to provide ready-made Prime accounts at a lower cost.

Benefits of Amazon Prime

What makes Prime members different from regular customers? Let’s find out…

  1. Fast Shipping

For one or two-day shipping, or by choosing the ‘no-rush shipping’ option one gets free delivery. Again, for an eligible zip code, one can get a delivery of the ordered product within 2 hrs. with a free service charge.

  1. Streaming

Get a free subscription to Amazon Prime Video and Prime Music. You will get all the latest and exclusive movies, Tv series, dramas, and millions of ad-free, old to latest songs in multiple languages in great quality.

  1. Prime Reading

Read books, novels, Ebook, comics, literature, fiction, quick read, romance, non-fiction in various languages for free. You also get the facility of an audio book.

  1. Sales

You can shop from over 40 million items with Prime Membership. Unlimited discounts including cash-back offers are their limelight. You also get 12hrs early entries in the sales so you get a chance to grab your item before it gets out of stock.

Why Buy Amazon Prime Accounts from Us? 

If you are a regular buyer of Amazon, applying for a Prime Membership will be a great deal. We care for your time and money. Hence, we are here to provide you the best quality ready-made Prime accounts. For an annual or monthly subscription, buying an account from us will certainly provide you with the following benefits-

  • We have a fast delivery service. You will get your account as soon as you make your order with all other credentials.
  • Our accounts operate globally. With some basic settings, you can start making your purchase from anywhere.
  • We provide a verified Prime account at a much cheaper cost. We make your shopping easy and handy with no possible downside.
  • You will have full authority over your account and can change any security settings later.
  • All the Prime facilities will be activated in your purchased account.
  • We give an assurance of security for buying your account from us. You can use it without the fear of leaking any information or records of yours.
  • You can choose any billing address to pay which makes it easier to deal with us.
  • We are ready to solve your queries at any time.


If you are looking for online shopping and streaming facilities, Amazon Prime is the best option. To unleash all of its benefits, purchase your Prime account from us. We never compromise with our service quality. Customer satisfaction and safety are our top priorities. You can’t find any other platform with such a low and affordable price. So, make your wise decision now.


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